Group Coaching offers the opportunity to learn in a safe and supportive environment. The expected outcomes in group coaching are the same as the outcomes gained when being coached individualy and the added benifit is that one learn through the input and experiences of the rest of the group as well. In addition, the support from others in the group can be very valuable too.

Because the Coaching fee is shared by five or six people, group coaching is cost effective. Small groups contract for three months at a time. Next group to start in mid August (Provided there are five or more people who have signed up for the group - the starting date will be postponed untill a group can be formed) Groups contract for a period of three months at a time.

The following outcomes can be expected from being coached in small groups:

  • Greater awareness: What is it that drives your actions and reactions and what role does food play in this?  What do you desire most and what are you doing to get what you desire? What strengths do you possess and how can these strengths help you to get what you want?

  • Practical life skills to develop success-promoting habits and to manage daily challenges.

  • Cognitive skills to address and change unhelpful beliefs and attitudes.

  • Greater confidence and improved self-esteem.