If you have tried everything and have gained back the lost weight every time, a full day workshop can help to put an end to the agony of losing and gaining. There is more to life than dieting. Become the healthy, confident person you know you were meant to be.


What to expect:

These are interactive workshops where meaningful learning takes place in a safe and nurturing environment. The emphasis is on having fun while learning. Because all participants deal with a similar challenge there is lots of sharing and caring, and people are free to decide whether they want to share or not.

You will leave a workshop with loads of information and inspiration and ready to approach your life-long weight-challenges from a much more empowered position.

After completion of a workshop you will have:

  • A very clear, inspiring picture of how you want your future to be.

  • Specific, meaningful and achievable goals and practical steps to get you there.

  • The ability to ignite and maintain your internal "passion flame".

  • Insight to recognize and acknowledge limiting fears, beliefs and attitudes as well as skills to use your "mind power" to your advantage.

  • Motivation to address unhealthy habits and the knowledge to develop new success creating habits.

Special Workshops can be arranged for small private groups of ladies at the venue of their choice, or for your female staff members at work (apply for details)

Booking for workdshops: Contact Lorraine            

For best results I work with small groups. Next workshop planned for mid Sebtember.                                                    Book early to avoid dissapointment.

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