Why weight-loss programs alone can't offer long term results to all.

The percentage of people who enjoy permanent success when it comes to weight-management is small in comparison to those fighting an ongoing battle with the scale. The companies selling weight-loss programs and products will never be short of hopeful customers because no weight-loss program alone can give you permanent results.

This is because weight-loss programs address the physical aspects of being overweight while emotional, cognitive, and spiritual aspects are not addressed sufficiently.

Humans are thinking, feeling and spiritual beings. Without the believe in yourself and in the goals you set for yourself, setback are bound to be discouraging and failure would be easy and devastating.

The coaching solution:

To be fully functional, balanced and healthy, correct nourishment for the mind, heart and spirit is as important as the food we consume and the exercises we do to make our bodies fit and strong.

Physical hunger and sheer enjoyment is not the only reason we eat. Our relationship with food is influenced by the values we attach to food. Food could provide emotional comfort or sooth a troubled mind; it could momentarily distract from pain and loneliness and it could offer reprieve from boredom.

On occasion food may be a companion and even provide a shield against our unknown fears.

To end the cycle of losing and gaining weight, you need to acknowledge and  master the way you think, feel and behave around food. Coaching at Club No Mo Yo-Yo focus on helping  you to discover and enchance the strength you already posess and help you to develop confidence in your ability to succeed while supporting you to become aware off and develop strategies for those areas of your life that make it hard for you to have the success you desire.