Stress can make it harder to lose weight as it influences how and what we eat, and causes our bodies to release cortisol. This hormone can cause weight gain in certain individuals and it is sometimes called the"Spare Tyre Inflator".

To have more emotional resilience, stress could be managed with exercise as well as specific relaxation and meditation techniques. "The Calm Within", a CD developed by Clinical psychologist, Michele Carelse, and leading South African musician, Derick Africa, is especially designed for relaxation and stress release purposes. By using the CD regularly it is possible to gain control over emotional responses which in turn, may be beneficial to curb emotional eating.

A natural, safe and effective way to enhance your emotional well-being is the use of essential oils. Oil scents have a positive influence on the nervous system.  Because the scents trigger the brain to release "feel good" hormones, it releases tension, improves quality of sleep and helps to control emotional cravings

The benefits of essential oils could be enjoyed by lightly spraying the room with a spritzer, by massaging an essential oil blend onto the pulses and temple area, by soaking in a bath to which essential oils have been added or by asking a partner to administer a full body message with a special blend of aromatherapy oils.

Adding essential oils to your bath can turn an ordinary bath experience into a relaxing spa to soak away tension and uplift the spirit, leaving you relaxed and invigorated: Go to Complete Calm Aromatherapy Pack

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