"I enjoyed interacting with women who experience the same struggles as myself. I enjoyed the self-awareness exercises as I sometimes don't know my own inner strength. I learned that I have the strength to accomplish my goal and that  I am worthy of success. I'm ready to try journalling and experience the difference it can make. I can now visualise how I want to be and feel when I reach my goal. I have realised once again that I can only achieve this goal by having faith."

 "I enjoyed the safe environment and the freedom to speak and share with no judgement. The quiet time was special and the self-reflection was valuable. I loved the journal idea and the practical steps to a new life. I learned to open up to strangers and to enjoy others without fear. I learned that most of the time our challenges are similar. I learned to set meaningful goals and have a real vision of what my life should and can be without the constant battle with self. I learned to start with my qualities which are factual and which I can and do believe. Thank you for a wonderful experience. It was everything I hoped it would be. I feel empowered with practical knowledge and activities which I can apply to everything in my life and foresee positive changes. It is really a true recipe for No Mo Yo-Yo. I will encourage others to attend as I believe in what was shared with me today. Great workshop, thanks! 

 "I enjoyed the relaxing and quiet times we had, and it was great to know that I am not alone. I learned that I should love myself, give myself the respect and loyalty I give others; to focus on the good and not the bad and to think differently about myself. I was glad it was a small group".

"I enjoyed the interaction amongst each other; the motivational message behind the workshop. The awareness of others' plight and difficulties. And the positivity that stemmed from it all. I learned that an inward journey is important, that self-control can be achieved and that faith can become a reality; that we shouldn't be hard on ourselves and that we need to love ourselves. It's been a very relaxing day. Definitely informative and a fresh, new approach of looking at this mountain of losing weight. Thank you. It certainly has been an eye opener. I like the idea of keeping a journal; it is excellent and I am sure will motivate us greatly."

"I enjoyed everything! The awareness exercise, the lessons. Everything! I learned to take a look at myself and what I had already accomplished, and that I could do this too. I learned a much more enjoyable way of eating (in quietness without talking!). I learned to become more aware of being good to myself.  I'm very pleased that I attended the workshop and I'm leaving with an assurance that I can do this. I feel more at peace, knowing that I can!"

'I enjoyed the sharing of information. This made me realise that others are experiencing the same problems as I do. This makes it so much easier. I learned that weight loss is just one aspect of who you are. It is like only one ingredient of a recipe. It does not stand alone but is part of a much bigger picture. Focus on yourself and what will make you happy, set your goals, put your plan into action and the rest will follow. I have really received value for my money. The venue, sharing of information and the company was fantastic. Lorraine, I really enjoyed working with you. I find your advice, comments, reading material and exercises very helpful and realistic to deal with everyday issues."