Club No Mo Yo-Yo was founded by Lorraine, a Life Coach, to offer meaningful additional support to people who hope to stop gaining back the weight they have lost.

In one of Aesops Fables a thirsty crow circles over a dry landscape in search of water. His goal is to find water to quench his thirst and although he is tired, he perseveres because he believes that he will soon find what he is hoping for.

Finaly, he spots a pitcher and scoops down but, he is faced with a challenge! Though there is a litle water in the bottom of the container, the neck of the pitcher is too narrow to reach it. The situation seems hopeless, but after some contemplation, the crow picks up a pebble and drops it into the pitcher. It does not make a big difference but he can see the water at the bottom making ripples and that is evidence enough for him that he is on the right track. He picks up another pebble and drops it into the container and then another and another..... Each time he lets a pebble fall into the water, the level rise a bit more and his confidence that the strategy will work, grows. At last the water reaches the top, and the crow is able to quench his first.

The moral of this fable is: "Necesity is the Mother of invention".

Fables are a form of story telling that have long being used to teach. This fable shows how hope, willpower and way power all work together in reaching a goal. According to Snyder's Hope Theory, hoping to reach a desired goal, is not enough. To get to that goal requires willpower which is fuelled by the believe that you can achieve what your are hoping for, and even more important, way power, which is your ability to invent strategies to overcome the obstacles standing between you and your goal.

Life coaching is an unique form of support which helps you to focus on personal goals which are meaningful to you. Your life coach also supports you when you invent strategies to overcome the obstacles life puts between you and your life-goals, and encourage you to keep your eye on the end result you are hoping for.


Lorraine is a qualified life coach and is registered at COMENSA (Coaches And Mentors Of South Africa), as Practitioner Life Coach.  In addition to  a B.A degree in psychology (UNISA), a diploma in Logo-Therapy (UNISA) and Life Coach certification from the South African College Of Applied Psychology, she has over 10 years of experience as weight-management consultant. 

In addition to her ongoing work with, and passion for people in weight-loss groups, her experience includes the coaching of individual clients and small  groups of people who wish to maximise their full potential and who want to develop the necesary cognitive and emotional skills to increase their ability to life full and satisfying lifes, or who wish to maintain their healthy weight in a meaningful way, as well as the facilitation of small  workshops to develop and build self-esteem, and workshops to teach people about nutrition and self-care.

As personal growth and ongoing learning is crucial for effective coaching, Lorraine attends regular workshops and seminars to update her knowledge about the newest coaching tools and approaches to unlock the full potential of each person she works with. Being a recovered yo yo dieter herself, she understands the challenges faced by people who lose and gain repeatedly and is concerned about the psychological and physical implications of yo yo dieting.

Currently she is part of a group of coaches who dedicate some of their time in a meaningful way to help grow the confidence and potential of previously unemployed women at The Clothing Bank Project  in Observatory, where a sellected group of ladies are offered the opportunity, and taught the necessary skills to realise their hope of becoming  independent business women.

"The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around.......Throughout history, tender loving care has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing" ~ Dr. Larry Dossey:  Medical doctor and author.

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