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Wheel of life sheet.xls

The Wheel Of Life was created by Sonja Wilkens for use by private clients. You may download it for private purposes but please do not re-create in any form. This is a most useful tool to use during coaching to discover and identify areas of personal growth for individuals who wish to live a meaningful and productive life. If there are life areas you wish to improve, work with an experienced and trusted life coach to get the best results.


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Weight Chart.xls

The Weight Management Chart is a helpful tool to use during coaching to maintain and manage a healthy weight. The Chart makes provision to track your weight over a period of 12 months and will automatically calculate losses and gains.

Please note that the Chart is the property of Club No Mo Yo-Yo and no part of it may be distributed without the written permission of the founder and owner of Club No Mo Yo-Yo, Lorraine who must be contacted by email

You may DOWNLOAD the Chart for personal purposes only and I would appreciate feedback on your experience with the use of it.

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Breaking The Silence.pdf

There are different types of domestic violence and even if a partner is not abussed physicaly, verbal and emotional or financial abuse can also be destructive and disempowering and you have the right to say this is enough! This information is added to help improve knowledge regarding the devastating effect domestic violence can have on the self-worth of someone who is abussed. If you or anyone you know is in a abusive relationship, talk to someone. We need to break the chain of voilence in our society. Take the first step to help yourself or someone you care for.

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The Life Balance Pyramide by Lancaster General.doc

Optimal wellness is about being able to maintain a sense of balance. The Life Balance Pyramide is a guide to help you create balance in your life. It contains immediate coping skills to use as needed, daily supportive activities to build your coping abilities so you can feel balanced emotionaly and physically, and life long foundations for long term balance that gives you the ability to cope with whatever lifes brings your way. Practice selections of each of the pyramide levels that best fit your needs, lifestyle and values and create your own ideas as well. It may be helpful to work with an experienced life-coach who can support you to discover what will work best to create a more balanced and satisfying life for you.

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