Ideas to increase your joy IQ.
Empowering knowledge about weight management

A gold mine of healthy recipes and health news
Everything you need to know about staying heathy, fit and young on one website

This is a great informative site whith everything parents need to know about raising healthy, well adjusted children
Answers to all your questions.

Helpful information about domestic violence and what to do about it
I am proud to offer some of my skills and time to this wonderful project

Power packed inspiration by Dr. Cival Mills who suffers from "Locked in Syndrome"
Morgan Segal Helpguide is dedicated to Morgan Leslie Segal, whose tragic suicide might have been prevented if she had had access to better information.

Family and Marraige Association of South Africa (FAMSA) Tel 011 9757107
Find out what your goal weight should be. Bear in mind though that people differ and do not always fit into set compartments

Healthy advice for weight-management. Dieting is unhealthy; Change your mindset and learn to take good care of yourself
Heal your Life - Favorite Authors share wisdom, affirmations videos and more. Great inspiration.