What is wrong with carbo-loading?

Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside. Albert Schweitzer

Many people ask me about carbo-loading as it is believed that loading with carbohydrates a few days before an event can improve stamina and endurance. However, we are all different and what might be good practice for one person might hold potential health risks for another. Carbo-loading might not be the best choice for individuals who are insulin resistant. Professor Tim Noakes recently shared new information on carbo-loading and he refers to authors like Gary Taubes who wrote "The Diet Delusion", and who advocates insulin control through the use of a diet high in protein and fat and low in carbohydrates.

The sports physician, affiliated to the University of Cape Town and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, won worldwide acclaim for his book Lore of Running, first published in 2003 which promoted carbo-loading, and is described as the "Runner's Bible".

While it may be confusing when health-experts contradict previous information, It shows that knowledge evolve over time and that absolute answers to health matters are not set in stone. Because we are all different, our bodies have different requirements and what work for one person, could harm anothers health over time. It is therefore important to take responsibility for personal health issues. Become informed about your specific health requirements as that knowledge should empower you to make wise choices regarding improved performance and optimal health.

Read this article about  Professor Noakes's new theory:...'Carbo is really a no-no' says Prof Tim Noakes

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