How Can Breath Work help To Heal Us?


Using the breath to release tension in the body is not a new concept.

Human Beings hold their breath when they are in pain, physical as well as emotional and when they are afraid or anxious.

In doing so the pain or fear is held at a cellular level in the body. Our emotions are closely connected with the state of our body and mind and the breath has a way of exposing negative emotions and releasing them in a gentle way. 

Using regulated deep breaths, each connected to the other, while lying down listening to particular music selected for the process, clients are able to go behind and beyond the masks that they hold in place for survival and dig deep into the pain and the wounding that sabotages their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Breathing deeply in and out allows for the breath to begin to nudge at the deep seated trauma that is buried in the body.  

Remember, everything we have experienced in our lives is encoded in our bodies, and the trauma stays dormant but skulking - waiting to be triggered to erupt - often destructively.

In a Breathwork process the breath can access this trauma and release it in a safe and held space.  It is possible to laugh or cry it out and have the physical experience of letting go on the out-breath, of the stuff that blocks wellness and aliveness.   Into that vacuum with the in-breath a new idea, wish, feeling, can enter to nurture and heal.

Breathwork has no boundaries, clients can have physical or emotional or spiritual releases and insights in a 2 hour session that last a life time. 

Ericka has been facilitating Breathwork Groups and individual sessions for more than 30 years. 

Ericka Allison  B.Soc Sc (UCT)


NB:  You will be lying on the floor, so please bring a mattress or garden lounger pillow to lie on and a warm blanket or preferably a duvet to cover yourself and a pillow.

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