How To Stay Motivated

On the bathing-tub of King T'ang the following words were engraved:  "If you would one day renovate yourself, do so from day to  day. Yea, let there be daily renovation."  ~Confucian Analects

Staying motivated is never easy. Motivation is not something that come from outside. Neither is it a pill or a potion you can swallow to perk you up or a magic spell you can conjure to make you more willing to do what you need to do.  It is a little spark that starts on the inside and which needs to be kindled with daily action to keep it burning brightly.

You can not stay motivated by imagining a new you or by telling others how you would look once you have renovated yourself. You have to motivate yourself...daily...by the actions you take.

Motivation starts with “I can Moments”. By attempting and completing tasks which sets you up for success. Start from the inside out and renovate one little aspect of yourself one day at a time.

Do a mind switch: Deprivation to satisfaction.

Instead of diet, think health, energy and vitality.

Load your plate with good stuff fit for a king and ditch what you know will not agree with your renovation plans.

Make time for play. Whether it’s an early morning walk thrice a week or cha-cha in the kitchen, choose activities you enjoy to get your body moving and entice someone else to join you in the fun.

Ditch the weight goal for now: You heard me. Nothing can be more de-motivating than the wrong number on the scale. Instead focus on your choices. How does each choice you make fit into your renovation plan? When you do that, the weight-loss automatically follows.

Be wise about temptation: Will power can only last that long. Chocolate bars and packets of crisps piled up in your kitchen cupboard can only be ignored up to a point.

Plan ways to limit your exposure to a tempting environment, or activities that might sabotage your renovation plans.

Feed your soul: Live is about more than dieting. With the celebration of  Mandella day on the 18th July  what can you contribute in 67 minutes to make the world a better place? There is so much need around us. Why not start renovating the world one minute at a time while at the same time increasing your “I Can Moments”?

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The Author of this Article is Lorraine Le Roux Life Coach and Weight-Management Consultant. No part of this Article may be republished without written consent from the Author.

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