The Banting Diet: The Perfect Solution?

The Banting Diet, recently revived by Tim Noakes, is seen as the perfect solution by many who have tried everything to lose weight. This diet, which promotes the consumption of large amounts of protein and fat and very little carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit, seem to promote fast weight loss. 

Although some insulin resistant people may benefit on an eating program with lower amounts of carbohydrate and more protein and fat under expert supervision to get faster results, health professionals are concerned that the lack of nutritional content in the Banting Diet, if used for extended periods, could lead to health problems – and you have to continue eating like this, because if you stop and go back to your old ways, you will pick up the weight you have lost. So, it seems as if the desired results may come at the price of your health if the Banting Diet is followed for longer periods.

Clearly, it is time to take note of the wisdom of writers like David Niven Ph.D who, instead of promoting a diet with potential dangers, have explored the research that was done about healthy people’s attitudes, habits and practices which keeps them healthy (and slim). Here are a selected number (not necessarily in the same order) of simple, easy to follow secrets of healthy, slimmer and more energetic people from his book “The 100 Simple Secrets of Healthy People”, which are all backed up by research.

Healthy people plan their losing strategy.

Weight gain has physical and psychological causes: consuming too little good nutrition and too much processed, refined, high energy food, pastries and treats loaded with saturated fat and trans fatty acids, as well as beverages containing large amounts of sugar, alcohol and caffeine lead to weight-gain. And people consume too much because they attach values to food which are fulfilled when they enjoy their eating and drinking. Lifestyle factors like inactivity, stress, lack of sleep and a number of health issues and medication may play a role as well. A wise and healthy weight-loss plan starts with addressing all areas of your wellbeing rather than just the weight.

Change your attitude towards your health because people’s belief in their own ability to take care of themselves was indicated to be the best predictor of success in research programs when changing eating and exercise habits.

Research indicates that healthy people value their lives and are conscientious about following through with a life-long health plan. They reach out to others and cherish their friendships with people who share the same health values. (The reason why belonging to a group who all share the same health goal is so helpful)

For healthy people, good nutrition is a way of life. Their colourful selection of vegetables and fruit includes, among others, lots of leafy greens, onions, and bright red tomatoes as well as oranges, apples, nuts and small amounts of grape juice and even chocolate - all essential to keep the heart, veins and immune system strong while supporting healthy weight-management.

Healthy people eat less, more often and they eat slower. Because junk food is not part of their health plan, they ensure that there is always a supply of healthy food and snacks available at home and at work.

Healthy people take responsibility for negative emotions like hostility, fear, anxiety and guilt and limit its lethal effect by having fun, practicing optimism and forgiveness, hugging one another or their pets and laughing whenever they can. Sleeping well, breathing deeply and taking time out by spending time in silence or with music, or practicing their religion or meditation, are restorative habits healthy people follow to stay healthy.

An active mind and body is a healthy mind and body. Healthy people limit the time spend inactive on the couch or in front of the TV, and avoid eating their meals while watching a program. They choose to be active and know that you don’t have to spend money to be fit. Walking and taking the stairs are often included into a variety of daily activities.

The secret is that there is really no perfect solution when it comes to healthy long-term weight management. No diet, pill, or shake can give that to you. The only tried and tested solution that has stood the test of time is to change your attitude, habits and practices – permanently.

The Author of this Article is Lorraine Le Roux Life Coach and Weight-Management Consultant. No part of this Article may be republished without written consent from the Author.

To explore the many psychological factors which can have an impact on weight-management, Club No Mo Yo-Yo has invited a Clinical Psychologist to answer some of the questions around food and emotions at our next Health Forum on Saturday the 30th of August.

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