Dreaming About a Miracle.

 "Nothing happens unless first a dream."

- Carl Sandburg

People on weight-loss programs dream about weight Loss and how it will change their lives when it happens.  They dream about being beautiful, confident happy, healthy and everything in between.

And then the battle start. Although some lose weight easily, some have to work realy hard. At first things go fairly well. They feel motivated and can see victory in their minds eye. But half way down the street, the brakes come on. Things at the scale slow down. One week there is a loss. The next week, a gain. Those who dream about weight-loss know how one can see-saw from happy to downright frustrated and often you feel like a failure.

'What is wrong with me!"  "Why can’t I lose weight?"  We blame our hormones or the happy or sad moments in our lives or we blame those who lead us into temptation. We backtrack our days to pinpoint the bad ones and often we have been good and the scale is still bad! Our confidence plummet and our desperation rise and one day we shout: "Enough is enough!" And we throw in the towel!

Know that feeling?

You give up and you give in. No more limitations. No more restrictions. "I will not do this to my self one day longer you say". Peace! "Who cares if the kilo’s pile back on again!" you lament. But the dream is still there....it does not go away. And one morning you decide: “I am trying again. This time.... this time I will be lucky. My dream will come true”.

There are many reasons why we gain. One is taking in more energy than you need or the wrong types of energy. But it is more complicated than that because we all differ so much. Genetic predisposition, medication, stress, chronic pain, lack of sleep, menopause, hormonal imbalances food sensitivities, seasonal metabolic adjustments, the times you eat, activity levels, previous weight-loss attempts, insulin resistance and a whole range of health challenges can influence weight gain or loss. And ironically the very fact that there is often such intense feelings of guilt and self-loathing can affect the bodies metabolism negatively.

 Your thinking has more to do with your weight-loss (or gains) than you might realize. Researchers know now that people who are happy with who they are, and confident that their weight goal is realistic and achievable, and who are willing to make permanent changes to their lifestyle and their nutritional choices, are more likely to be successful. So rather than dreaming big about life after weight-loss it might be good for you to dream big about life!

Set meaningful life goals which inspire you to get up each morning, excited and eager to be and to do what you were meant to do and to be. Become passionate about something that can add value to your life. Set reasonable, achievable weight-goals and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle and diet. Not because you are dreaming about the miracle after weight-loss but because you know you are a divine miracle who want to look after that precious container you live in as well as you could......

No part of this Article may be republished without the written consent of the Author:

Lorraine Le Roux Life Coach and Weight-Management Consultant.

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