Knowledge and Wisdom: The Two Pillars of Success

“Lives, like money, are spent. What are you buying with yours?Seneca

Weight-loss is unnatural because we are designed to maintain a healthy balance of energy input and energy output. We become overweight because we override the internal system which is supposed to maintain this balance by consuming too much over processed food and beverages containing more energy than our bodies can deal with.

To restore the balance in the body we need to consume food that are closer to its original form and much less beverages containing high amounts of energy. The answer is not a new weight-loss diet, but a new attitude towards how we live and what we eat.

It is vitally important for all of us to be better informed about the nutritional choices we make each day, because what we don’t know can eventually kill us as the rising figures of obesity related diseases are indicating. Balance in everything we do is the key. Bodies are different and some may need more or less of a specific food group, but without educating oneself, you may not be able to make the right choices.

Following new diets which promises fast results because it omits certain food groups may even set you up for more trouble along the way. The sensible way to lose weight is to choose the right amount of food for your requirements from all the food groups, and to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle as required.

The following are just examples of the many available resources you can turn to for sound nutritional and lifestyle advice and support.

  • Join a Weigh-less group and use one of their nutritional programs to correct your eating habits. There are many different programs to suit each individual’s needs (Ask your group leader). The Weigh-Less magazine and website also contains excellent articles on life-style and nutritional issues as well as very good articles to teach you about emotional- and other coping skills.
  • Most pharmacies have the facility to measure your vital numbers. For a small fee you can have your blood pressure, blood-glucose and cholesterol numbers measured. Also ask to have your waist measured because “hip to waist” ratio is the first indicator of insulin resistance. If any of the above indicates a problem, make it your goal to lower these numbers. Weigh-Less have a special program for members with insulin resistance or glucose intolerance. Speak to your group leader about this program.

Become an informed and wise consumer who sees her own and her families health as a priority and you may find that in the process the extra weight disappears slowly but surely.  

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