Believes: Are Yours Healing or Toxic?

Do you believe that your environment is fulfilling your needs for love and security? What words do you associate with a loving and safe environment? On the other hand, what words come to mind when you perceive your world as an unsupportive and unsafe environment? Did you know that the risk of developing diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and even dementia may be lowered by choosing to see situations differently?

Some scientists say our lifestyles make us ill, others say faulty genes inherited from our parents increase our changes of getting ill, and then there are researchers like Dr. Bruce Lipton “The Biology of Believe” who has interesting new evidence which shows that our physical reaction which is based on the perception we have of the world, can actually rewrite our genetic material. The way we see the world (loving versus unsafe) has the power to keep our bodies healthy or switch on dormant unhealthy genes as a result of our reaction to our environment.

Beliefs are the filters through which we perceive the world and are not necessarily based on facts. What one person sees as a loving and supportive environment may be observed as unsafe by another because of different experiences from their past. When people perceive situations through a filter where their belief system is rooted in love rather than fear, they feel positive and in control and can take on challenges with the minimum stress response. Fear based perceptions trigger a “fight” “flight” or “freeze” reaction in the body which transports oxygen rich blood from vital organs to the limbs where, in real danger situations, it would enable you to run faster, fight harder or hide to protect yourself from harm.

In ideal situations, when the danger is over, blood circulation returns to normal and the vital organs receive the blood they need to keep the sixty to seventy five trillion cells in your body which are replaced all the time, nourished and healthy.

When a fear based reaction arise from your perception of what you see and hear every day however, you stay in survival mode almost all the time, resulting in a less healthy blood supply to vital organs which, over time can trigger those unhealthy genes inherited from your ancestors.

The good news is that beliefs are not fixed. It is possible to change the filters through which you look at the world and by doing so, improve your health expectations.

The acronym for “Fear” is “Fantasised Events Appearing Real”. By becoming aware of the filters (beliefs) which colour your perceptions; you can choose to change belief filters which stem from fear for the sake of your health. On the other hand the acronym for “Love” is “Living on Vital Energy”. When motivated by love based perceptions, a life giving, energy rich supply of blood straight from the heart support the growth and replacement of cells throughout the body and brain and keeps you healthy.

Do your genes predict ill health? Not when you choose to live on vital energy. Eat well, live wisely and believe in love. It’s your choice!

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