The Do's and Dont's of Success

Long, long ago in a far away country, a young lady of 15, who hated school, found herself a job and left school. She was always plump and self-conscious about her weight but her family, who were all big people, told her that she won’t lose even if she tried as they were a family of big people and being big was part of their genetic inheritance.

She met someone and, happy that somebody accepted her with her extra 29 kilos, married at 17. During her first pregnancy she was admitted to hospital because of her blood pressure being dangerously high. The doctor ordered fat and salt to be omitted from her diet resulting in some weight-loss. For the first time she realized that being overweight might be a choice and not something she was predisposed to.

After the baby she tried several diets and weight-loss potions (and some were not very healthy) to maintain her weight which yo-yo‘d up and down until she joined a support club which she attended weekly to attain and maintain her weight.

Some years later they moved to South Africa and because there were no groups open at the time, she started her own group with a cheap, hand scale and only a few people at her first meeting. Her groups grew slowly from one to many and today Weigh-less groups across the country help people to attain and maintain their weight the healthy way.

A lovely story about the founder of Weigh-Less, Mary Holroyd, and how a challenge became a story of huge success with some important little life lessons for all of us about the do’s and don’ts of success:

Don’t use negative stories to explain and justify your current situation. Examples are: Hormonal challenges, stress-full life situations, unsupportive friends/family, being too busy, being lonely and many more. If Mary continued to see her family’s explanation that they were a family of big people as reason why she could not lose weight, Weigh-Less would not have existed today.

Do replace “I can’t” with “I can” “What the heart conceives, the mind believes”. Mary could have said: “I can’t maintain my healthy lifestyle because I have no support”. Instead she said: “I have a challenge and I can do something about it”. Who would have guessed right then how big the outcome of that one “I can” would eventually be?

Don’t be a copy cat. Be a trend-setter. Peer pressure and the use of food in cultural contexts, can both promote unhealthy eating habits. Choosing to make healthy choices is often resisted by those who don’t want change. When Mary, who still maintain her goal weight allmost 40 years later, chose to follow a healthy lifestyle, the traditional rich food, large portions, and second helpings which is part of her culture, were replaced with wholesome food in controlled portions and this new way of eating became the trend for thousands of health conscious followers.

Remember: All you need is one small “I can” moment to prove to yourself that what you are hoping for can be yours. What small change can you choose to make today that will enable you to taste your success?

Unlike other weight-loss programs, Weigh-Less teaches a new and sustainable healthy lifestyle rather then dieting.

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Catherine Platelle
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Love the "don't use negative stories to explain and justify" - will definitely take it to heart  

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