Commitment and other C-words

"It takes a deep commitment to change and an even deeper commitment to grow."

- Ralph Ellison

How many words beginning with the letter C, which could be linked to weight management, can you think of?  

A few examples are: Challenges, cravings, cycles, calories, control, couch potato, crisis, celebrations, carbohydrates, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, carrots, cinnamon, crash diets, cope, conflict...

Some C-words have positive connotations for us and some have negative meanings but, like it or not, these words are bound to come up from time to time during your weight-loss journey. We have reached that time of the year “again” when we desperately want the scale to show fast results. Then the end of the year celebrations begin and it becomes even tougher to get those desired results. And before we know it, the holidays and the festive season are here and all good intentions are lost.

I have selected a few C-words that can help you to survive and flourish despite your weight-management challenges.

Close a contract with yourself. A creed in which you clarify your intention to take charge of your challenge, not for cosmetic reasons, but because you care about yourself.

Communicate your desire for change by connecting to a circle with a collective desire to conquer the challenges associated with culinary celebrations and avoid careless company who is likely to corrupt your conquest towards a healthier you.

Collaborate with those close to you to consider healthier choices as it will help you to limit cues which lead to unwanted choices. Clamp down on unhealthy eating for the whole family and encourage healthier choices over costly convenience foods and unhealthy drinks.

Critics and cynics can be silenced by your conviction to curb the cumulative effect of consuming anything which can potentially contaminate your course of action. You are the captain and the coxswain of your ship and those who support you are your crew. Only you can give consent for your ship to change its course.

Confidence grows courage in your capability to conquer temptations. Believe that you can and prove to yourself that you could. Be conscious of what you eat, when you eat. Consequences of choices can not be escaped. Choose with care, keep your chin up, savour your food and chew slowly.

*Carousing and *clandestine eating are for those who compromise their dreams for short lived satisfaction. Both cause results which can not be concealed. Show your credibility by being consistent with the healthy options you choose. You don’t need a cop to correct you when you fail from time to time. Just be conscientious about the causes of your actions. After all: You care about yourself. Who wants less than the best as a consolation prize! Finally, remember to congratulate yourself each time you prove that you can!

*Carousing: Eating and drinking.  *Clandestine: In secret.

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