Success Is Not a Destination It's a Yourney

Success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

What do the founder of Weigh-Less and James Blunt have in common?

  • Both of them are highly successful.
  • Both started doing what they do to fulfil a specific need. Mary Holroyd started her first weight-management group in Durban because she lost weight with the help of a weight-loss club in her country of origin, and needed support to stay at her healthy weight. Her groups expanded and became a very popular club for people who need support with weight-maintenance while James Blunt had an artistic talent to express. People liked his music and he became a popular artist.
  • Both understand that success requires ongoing effort. You do not wake up one morning to discover that you are now successful. It takes sacrifices and hard work to get there and even more sacrifices and hard work to remain successful. The journey to success does not have an end destination.
  • Both Mary and James continued to do what was required from them at the start of their careers and they continue to make regular adjustments to keep up with current demands.

The effort required to reach and stay at an ideal weight is no different.  There is a tendency to view weight-loss as a journey where you start with a current unwanted weight and a future desired goal weight as the destination.

A restricted diet and/or shakes or pills and exercise as well as great willpower is seen as a necessary part of reaching a desired weight and people are happy to sacrifice comfort and treats for a while if they know they will be rewarded with their ideal weight at the end of their journey. Unfortunately, many find themselves returning to the pre-diet weight over time.

Research reveals that those who manage to maintain the weight-loss successfully over time, never stop doing what they have done in the first place to lose the weight.

  • They get support.
  • They make small, permanent lifestyle changes and they make adjustments when necessary.
  • They change how they think and behave.
  • They solve problems as they arise.
  • They continue to keep track of what they eat.
  • They leave little room for cheats and lapses.
  • They stay active.

The secret of Success? Not the next new diet or program. Success is the understanding that you never arrive at an ideal destination when you try to lose weight. The action required from you in week one, continue to be required ten years later. It is a meaningful journey which rewards you with better health, energy and confidence so enjoy the ride!!

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